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Podium Audio is Here! Talk or DJ for the whole room, in any room

Make friends, find friends.

Polish your DJ skills with onboard playlists, and media players.

The great selection of rooms you've come to know and more that you can create!

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    6 months
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Welcome to iCU2X!

Video Chatting in the iCU2 X community is now on the most cross-compatible platform and we’re ready to load it with the features you’ve known and loved. Live Snapshots in chat is here! Video Messaging and Quick Messages are planned to release by Valentine’s Day, Stealth modes for your online presence, Multi way video and big, fast one on one video streaming. Become a member and secure your unique username to join in on the evolution now.

Membership Includes It All

  • Enjoy access to all public member group rooms
  • Members enjoy up to 20 simultaneous video streams in any room
  • Create your profile and social space

  • Opt to have a public or private profile
  • Create a group room of your own
  • Upload and share music

  • Create Friends list for more intimate chatting
  • Multiplayer and single player games
  • Private messaging in video and text

Quick Messaging has been in development for the iCU2X platform for over a year, to avoid comitting suicide or murder, we have decided to open the doors to use: ready or not. The developers will continue to make the missing adjustments, which could take an undetermined amount of time during which we could be having a good time instead.
This version is embedded in a page. Deal with it.
This is not permanent- it's just a way of letting you try the upcoming version without giving up the current one.
First order of business, once you login (that part is same as always)
Go To Your Settings Tab
(the lil cog) and decide who is allowed to send you QMs. All Users- Friends - or Nobody.
Invisibility in this beta is not guaranteed. Folks on your friends list will probably still be able to see that you are online, from the QM area. Don’t be a douche, if you don’t want them to message you - tell them so. If someone doesn't want to be messaged - don't message them.
All Terms Of Service still apply. No drugs, no impersonation, no harrassment, no illegal BS. If Admin or Mods catch you, bans are permanent.
This beta is separate from the current version. When you are in one- you are not also in the other. Users online, are separate from users in the current version. Use the normal home page links to get to that chat area.
P.S. Only Members can SEND QMs